J David Derosier


J. David Derosier is most passionate about two things –creative solutions and learning.  Defining issues and creating solutions is what makes him tick; this also feeds his passion for learning and for sharing with others what he have learned.

Dave says that he thrives with either – and is at his best when he can do both.

With experience spanning  more than thirty years in business, managing people, products, and programs on a global basis, he helps small business and non-profits grow their operations intelligently and more efficiently.

Today he provides Management Consulting and Staff Training throughout Southeast Texas, taking his knowledge and experience from the Fortune 500 and sharing it with others to help feed the economic development of the area.

Business Plans and Marketing Plans  are the main focus for Management.

Staff training on office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Publisher make the office staff more productive.

A special focus is placed on customer service and leadership training at all levels of the organization - from senior management to first line managers and supervisors in the plant to workers at the front desk. 

Leadership at all levels makes the organization much more productive.  And productivity drives success.

INSTANT WEB PAGES was originally conceived back in the mid-1990’s when not a lot of businesses and non-profits had websites - or even knew what a website was. Today Web Design and Hosting is a major concern for small business.

Today, that business is called  OhainWEB.com, one of our operating entitites.

Single Page Website - $500

Two Page Website - $650

Each additional page negotiable

These prices are based upon customer-supplied content and simple layouts.

Monthly hosting and emails are additional.  Contact Info@OhainWEB.com for pricing.


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